What are the safety protocols?

For the safety and success of the 2023 OkMOM dental clinic, it is imperative that all patients understand and comply with the following safety measures:

  • All  patients will be subject to mandatory rapid testing for COVID-19 upon arrival, regardless of vaccination status.​

  • All patients are required to wear a mask while in the building. Masks will be provided at volunteer check-in.

  • All  patients are required to complete a COVID-19 questionnaire upon arrival.


Any individuals unwilling to comply with the safety protocols will not be eligible to be a patient. We thank you for your cooperation.


Additionally, OkMOM leadership encourages all volunteers and patients to get vaccinated for the health and safety of all participants. To find a vaccination location, click here.

Can I register myself for OkMOM 2022?

Only patients who are connected through local nonprofit/organization partners will be treated at OkMOM. This protocol is in place to protect patients and volunteers from forming lines and spreading viruses at the event.

Patients provided by our partner organizations will receive email communication exclusively.

When is pre-screening and OkMOM 2022?

Patients will be provided options of dates for pre-screening. These dates will be in December and January. Patients will choose which date works for their schedule, and arrive at pre-screening within the designated times. All details about pre-screening will be communicated exclusively through email.

OkMOM 2022 is February 4 & 5. Individual patients' treatment slot times will be communicated through email after pre-screening.

 Is there anything which would disqualify me from treatment?  

Each patient will undergo a simple medical exam at the beginning of his or her OK Mission of Mercy experience. Some things that could prevent a patient from treatment include:

a. Having a fever at the time of treatment

b. Excessive bleeding in the past.



For your safety, OkMOM volunteers cannot treat you if your BP levels are over


For your safety, OkMOM volunteers cannot treat you if your BS levels are over


Patients who do not comply with safety protocols will not be eligible for treatment.

Do I need insurance?

No. This is a completely FREE event! Because of the generosity of our volunteer dentists, we will not be filing insurance or charging patients! 

Can someone come with me while I am being treated?

In order to reduce numbers at the event, we will not allow patient's guests to attend OkMOM 2022. Only pre-screened and registered patients with specified treatment slot times will be allowed at the event. If you have a disability and need to bring a person for assistance, let us know.

What kind of time frame should I expect?

You should expect to spend the majority of your day with us. By the time you check in at your predetermined treatment slot time, have your medical screening, dental screening and treatment completed, it could be a 6-8 hour (or longer) event. Please be prepared for that amount of time.

What should I expect at OK Mission of Mercy?

The process that you will go through is as follows: 1.) Check in at predetermined treatment slot time. 2.) Basic patient registration forms to fill out (volunteers will be available to help if needed). 3.) Basic medical examination. 4.) Dental screening. 5.) Waiting for your designated procedures for the day. 6.) Treatment. 7.) Check out and follow-up instructions.

What if I am afraid of dental work/dentists/needles?

We understand your concerns. Simply let our volunteers know so we can help make OK Mission of Mercy a pleasant experience for you!

What services are NOT provided at OK Mission of Mercy?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide braces, dentures, root canals on back teeth and implants. We cannot extract impacted wisdom teeth. 

Will food and water be provided?

No. We encourage patients to eat before they arrive for treatment.

Will there be translators?

Multiple translators for various languages and signers for the hearing impaired will be available at OK Mission of Mercy.

Is there a limit as to how much treatment I can receive?

Due to limited supplies, time and volunteers, we are limited to the amount of treatment we can provide. At your pre-screening, a volunteer dentist will create your treatment plan. Our first priority will be to treat your critical dental needs. When you enter our clinic, one of our volunteer dentists will meet with you and explain your treatment plan.

What should I bring?

Bring a mask to wear throughout your time at the clinic (if you do not have a mask, or the one you bring does not comply with safety standards, we will provide one for you). We recommend bringing a list of your current medications and a one day supply of all medications. Also, if you are diabetic, please bring appropriate snacks that you might require throughout the day. Most of all, bring patience and a good attitude!

I am in pain, should I wait to be treated at OK Mission of Mercy?

No. If you are experiencing abnormal to severe pain, you should seek immediate treatment. If you do not have access to a dentist, please go to the nearest emergency room.

Will OK Mission of Mercy provide crowns (caps) and bridges?

Crowns will be available in very limited supply. We suggest that patients arrive early for the best chance to receive this preferred treatment. (Assessing dentists will create your final treatment plan).

Where should I park?

Heart of Oklahoma Expo Center will have marked parking for patients and volunteers.

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