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This is my second time coming to an Oklahoma Mission of Mercy and I’ve liked it. I’m thankful for the free services that were done today. Thank you!

Euscibio from Oklahoma City, OkMOM 2019

I had an amazing experience. I’m so very thankful for all the work I got done and the kind people. I had a meltdown thinking I was going to lose a tooth at 20 years old and they saved my tooth. Much love and thanks

Sarah from Enid, OkMOM 2019

YIPPEE!!! Thank you!!

Wynter from Lawton, OkMOM 2018

Words cannot explain how grateful I am. Aside from the above and beyond attitude everyone has been so empathetic. Again I am speechless. Thank you for my beautiful smile.

Cassidy from OKC, OkMOM 2018

Today was an absolute blessing! Thank you to all the volunteers. They have truly changed my life!

Samantha from Ada, OkMOM 2019

Thank you- I haven’t had insurance in 5 years. Without you, I would have lost 2 molars. God bless you all!

Sunny from OKC, OkMOM 2019

Such a wonderful group of people willing to serve. A great blessing to our community. Thank you so very much.

Kennetha from Luther, OkMOM 2019

I can’t thank each and every one of you enough for volunteering your time and services. It means so much to me. Again, thank you!

Janet from Valliant, OkMOM 2018

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